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The island of Elba

GEOGRAPHICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ISLAND OF ELBA. Only 10 km away from the Italian mainland, with a surface area of 224 km2, Elba is the largest of the islands in the Tuscan Archipelago, and the third largest of the Italian islands. Its particularly mild climate, the variety of its 147 km of coastline and the majestic beauty of the Monte Capanne mountains (1,019 m altitude) have made it an internationally renowned tourist centre.

THE CLIMATE ON THE ISLAND OF ELBA. The average annual temperature is 15.7 °C; the average in January is 9.3°, that in July 24.3°. The average temperatures for the four seasons are winter 9.7°, spring 13.9°, summer 22.9° and autumn 16.6°. The average temperature of the seawater in spring and autumn is: April 19°, May 20.2°, June 24.1°, July 26.8°, August 27.3°, September 25.5° and October 23.1°.

NATURE, COMFORT AND TRADITION ON THE ISLAND OF ELBA. A “man-sized” island, Elba has benefitted from the comfort and tools provided by technology and civilisation without compromising its natural heritage, landscape, sea and coastlines, mountains and forests. It has not allowed its very ancient hamlets to be spoiled or the customs of its thousands of years of civilisation to be destroyed.
In the setting of a crystalline sea and sandy beaches, green gulfs and secret or sheer rock faces, the island is rich in pleasant surprises. There are shady forests, flat countryside and sun-drenched fields where agave and prickly pears reign supreme. There are also the small villages by the sea, which often still manage to preserve their ancient use as refuges for fishermen, and those perched in the mountains, which are reminiscent of pirate raids from a distant past.
From the variety of thriving wildlife in the Mediterranean forest to the hidden secrets if the higher woods, the vegetation on Elba is generous in terms of colour, perfume and shades of light. Mushrooms, bark, flowers and chestnuts are easy to find, and the ideal habitat provided for the animals on the island can easily be explored. Or one can simply enjoy the clean air and the majestic beauty which nature has so generously given to the island, perhaps after a taste of the local cuisine, which blends maritime traditions and typically Tuscan customs.

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