Hotel Ilio: the only boutique hotel on Elba

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Boutique Hotel Ilio, the first boutique hotel of the Island of Elba

Perhaps you have already heard of boutique hotels, and if you know what they are, you will probably have felt the desire to stay in one of these marvellous establishments.

Boutique hotels are small and charming hotels with their own identity, where everything is thought up to make guests feel at home, with impeccable and personalised service and an unmistakeable style. If the hotel is on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, then your stay will be a magical and unforgettable experience.

The Hotel Ilio, opened in 1959, is the first boutique hotel on the island of Elba and is one of the most attractive on the entire Tuscan coastline, thanks to its location between the sea and the hills, in one of the wildest and most attractive places on the island, with the sound of the sea as a backdrop for the natural surrounds and their exuberance of colours and perfumes.

Located on the west coast, at Capo Sant’Andrea, the Hotel Ilio is not only a marvellous place to relax, for example on the nearby beach, which is well equipped and welcoming, but is also the vibrant centre of many activities involving the splendid natural surrounds of the hotel. The sea beds are a natural paradise for swimming, diving or enjoying the rugged coastline by kayak; the hills behind the gulf itself are a must for trekkers, bikers or free climbers, who can enjoy walking along the paths in the area, admiring the wonderful flora and fauna, which is also perfect for birdwatchers.

The Hotel Ilio has been completely refurbished with a contemporary design respecting the traditional colours and materials used on Elba with elegant minimalism, and has for over fifty years offered the best in terms of hospitality. Everything has been thought up and organised to guarantee a perfect welcome. A small garden rich in essence provides accommodation and great care has also been taken in the other areas, such as the bar and new restaurant, the patio and the library. The Hotel Ilio also has a small meeting centre and an area for photography exhibitions dedicated to nature, and the sea in particular.

This enchanting location was created thanks to the commitment and passion of all the staff, led with a spirit of renewal and hospitality by Maurizio Testa, who has been able to create an atmosphere of direct interaction with guests, and also by the kitchen, under the guidance of the chef Giancarlo Pollidini, which provides innovative menus based on the most characteristic tastes of Elban tradition.

The twenty rooms in the hotel, all discreet, secluded and with every comfort included, are divided into different themes – Lemon, Green, Garden, Oleander, Pomegranate, Sea, Sant’Andrea, Procanico, Procanico Family, Tuscany and Bougainvillea – each of which is dedicated to a special category of guests, for a stay suited to all requirements and to make you feel at home.

Or rather, much better.

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