Hotel Ilio: the only boutique hotel on Elba

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Boutique Hotel Ilio, the first boutique hotel of the Island of Elba

The best way to enjoy an authentic and original holiday? Chose a boutique hotel.

Boutique hotels are small and charming hotels, with a strong sense of identity, created to make a difference to an ordinary holiday and ideal for enjoying an authentic and original holiday, with personalised service and an unmistakeable style. If a holiday of this sort is set in the natural beauty of one of the jewels of the Tuscan Archipelago, it will become a magical and unforgettable experience.

The Boutique Hotel Ilio, opened in 1959, was the first boutique hotel on Elba and one of the most attractive on the Tuscan coastline, thanks to its particular location in one of the wildest and attractive areas of the island, where rocky mountains lead down to granite shorelines, mixing with lagoons of sand and a crystalline sea.

The Boutique Hotel Ilio is in Capo Sant’Andrea, on the west coast, a marvellous residence perfect for relaxation and an ideal departure point for excursions by sea and land. The sea beds in the area are a paradise for swimming, diving or visiting the rocky coastline by kayak. The hills behind the gulf are not to be missed by trekkers, bikers and free-climbers, who can enjoy walks along the paths in the area and admire the fantastic flora and fauna, and the location is also perfect for bird-watching.

The Boutique Hotel Ilio has been completely refurbished in a modern style with reflects the elegant minimalism of the colours and materials of Elba and will provide a sensorial holiday to enjoy the authenticity of the Mediterranean. A large garden lounge rich in essence alternates open air salons and the Mediterranean woodland, and this type of widespread hotel enables the hotel itself to be enjoyed according to the segment chosen for your particular style of room. The hotel is composed of a central segment, in which the rooms have independent entrances and access to the garden, and other small and very characteristic blocks, such as the Casa Vigna, located in a small Tuscan vineyard, and the Casa Mare facing directly onto the beach of Capo Sant’Andrea. The central segment also has a large panoramic terrace, where a tasty and filling breakfast is served, and a fitness and welfare area where one can rest in harmony with nature or relax and enjoy welfare treatment.

There are four different styles of room: Mediterranean, Essential, Contemporary and Tuscany, which are all very different, but best represent the ideal style for your holiday. The Boutique Hotel Ilio also has a small meeting room and an area which can be used for important photographic exhibitions dedicated to nature, and in particular the sea.

An enchanting place managed with a great sense of renewal and hospitality by Maurizio Testa, Personal Manager of the Hotel, who uses his experience to help the guests organise an ideal holiday including personalised tours, places to discover, recommended restaurants, wine tours and the Hi Guide to enjoy Elba to the fullest extent possible.

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